Normally drugs are associated with shady nightclubs, dirty street corners or the banking elite. But surprisingly enough there are many different types of animals that are consuming psychotropic substances as well. For instance dolphins, who gather in a group to consume the stimulating toxin of the blowfish. In order to achieve this, the animals are chewing the unlucky fish until it releases its toxin in an act of self defense. If they are done, they “pass“ the blowfish to their next friend standing nearby. But sadly, overdoses are not unknown to the proud sea creatures, which can be observed when a dolphin is drifting unconsciously at the surface of the sea.

But dolphins are not the only animals consuming drugs. Another creature that was observed intoxicating itself, is the common brown bear on the peninsula of Kamtschaka. The local population was observed to consume kerosin, which was left behind by local scientist for their helicopters. Sadly, the bears began to develop an addiction towards the kerosin. In this sense it is not uncommon to observe a bear chasing a helicopter in hope to obtain a little bit of leaking kerosin.

Apparently the consumption of drugs is a natural behavior that affects all different kinds of species. As humans, we are in good company, celebrating with our animal friends. And as long as we don’t overstretch our limits, everything should be alright.