Wonderful vintage dresses: this eye-catching trend is one I truly hope you won’t miss out on this summer. With inspiration gleamed from the decades of the past, femininity makes as return as the main feature of this summery fashion. The feminine silhouette is starkly highlighted in a wide variety of designs.

These dreamy vintage-pieces can often be seen on the streets of Berlin, and now I’ve found my favourite collection for them. The spring line by Valentino is a tribute to the seventies and hence bears the fitting name “1973”. In this collection, you can find not only the most beautiful forms, but also the best materials and most breath-taking details and colours of this era.

This vintage trend showcases an interplay of colours and patterns, while putting forth the image of a gentle romance. This summer season, lace in particular celebrates a grand comeback – the lace dress is now a must for the feminine wardrobe! The vintage dress may also be altered a little longer or shorter. Blouse dresses with shy collars are just as popular as dresses with pleats and ruffles.

Take note, ladies, of this summer’s top trend: everything that has do with vintage silhouettes and thereby involves lace, folds, ruffles, overlays and crochet elements!

More Info: www.valentino.com