Whether at work, during your free time or at a special event, a man never goes wrong with a suit. The classic, stylish combination of a suit coat, pleated pants, shirt and accessories is still the first choice for a man who wants to achieve an elegant look. The suit is classic, yet versatile. Each year, new trends are created.

In 2016, the trend of last year continues, which for you means to experiment more and choose vibrant colors especially when it comes to the accessories! Even the trend around vintage styles can be noticed on suit fashion, with bow ties and hats being combined with the classic garment.

Muted colors and subtle motifs are particularly popular this year. In addition to the black-and-white look, there are colors such as dark mustard and chestnut that dominate the selection. Combined with plaid patterns, it even reminds us of the college look. Anything is allowed. The more you experiment, the more outstanding your outfit will be. Especially sophisticated are suits that are made of glossy material. With those, you’ll definitely not go wrong.