Today, I’m going to introduce Goletz Bowties , an accessories brand that I really adore. Here, it is all about the bowties, which should be better called pieces of the fashion history. Daniel Goletz, who founded the label last year, is responsible for all the modern creations.

Modernity, chic and timelessness are the main aspects of the design aside from it being a result of true craftsmanship. But even this traditional accessory goes with the times and presents itself in a new guise. The Goletz Bowties look great on festive outfits but can be also worn in everyday life. There are so many possible combinations, ranging from casual to elegant.

The product range includes both cloth bowties and leathered ones. The latter is particularly well suited as a chic highlight on a trendy everyday look. The bowties vary in shapes and colors. Sometimes they come in a very sporty look, sometimes rather sophisticated and refined. Extravagant models with feathers on them are my showpieces as they are simply cool, urban and reflect a hint of the country-chic!

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