Kingpin, Hacker, Millionaire, Idealist – Ross William Ulbricht.

The former owner of the Darknet drug lane Silk Road was arrested on October 2nd in 2013. This year in February, he was officially charged. Along with the lawsuit, the FBI had to publish a report on how they got a hold of the IP of the Darknet server located on Iceland. Apparently, the captcha on the login site has been leaking the server’s true IP.

I don’t really understand how one could make such a stupid, fatal mistake, especially if you’re operating an illegal trading platform in the Darknet – no, that’s impossible. Shortly after the Silk Road suffered from a Bitcoin hack, more than enough website users have been checking for further security breaches, scrutinizing Ulbricht, but also keeping the site very safe from leaks.

Thus, the community and Ulbricht would have noticed an open IP in the CAPTCHA in time. Online security expert Cubrilov assumes the IP did leak, but not in a way the FBI implies. When the site was supposed to be offline for an update, the actual server IP was leaked. On another event, the IP was leaked during an error message on the login page. Both of these events are noted in Ulbricht’s diary.

This results in new questions: How did these two mistakes or errors happen? Why was the FBI watching the website at this exact time? They simply picked up the IP, so why did the FBI allegedly write a wrong report on the case?

The Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts case is still running and I’m anticipating every single bit of news being released about this lawsuit!

Darknet? Silk Road? IP Leak? What’s that?
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Copyright and Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/fbi-lied-about-how-it-obtained-silk-road-server-location-says-security-expert-1464552