The temperatures are dropping and Christmas fever is slowly getting to us. And what should never be missed during the cold winter time? Tangerines.. or is it clementines? This week I’ve prepared a delicious seasonal salad with clementines for you guys. And because I never really understood where the differences were between clementines and tangerines I looked it up.

Both of them can be classified under citrus fruits. The clementine is a hybrid, a crossbreed between a tangerine and an orange and out of all citrus fruits they’re the ones that are the sweetest. The peel however can be a little bit harder to remove than in the cases of tangerines but clementines don’t contain as many seeds. Another plus point for the clementine is that they don’t lose their sweetness and don’t tend to dry out as fast.

The crossbreeding was made in Spain when the tangerine made their way from Asia to Europe in the 19th century. These days the “Mediterranean tangerines” are harvested in Spain and Morocco from November up until the beginning of January. That fact enables us to enjoy those buns of sweetness during the Christmas holidays, for instance as part of my salad!


You will need:

– lettuce
– mixed salad
– 4 clementines
– 4 carrots
– fresh thyme
– fresh rosemary
– honey
– 1 lemon
– hard cheese
– pumpkin seeds
– white balsamic

– oil
– salt and pepper


  1. Start off by cleaning your vegetables and drying the salad and lettuce
  2. Peel the carrots and cut them into thin slices
  3. Peel the clementines, part them and cut the slices each in half
  4. Arrange these ingredients on one plate
  5. Pluck the fine leaves off the thyme stems
  6. The same goes for the rosemary so that you only have to chop up the long leaves into small pieces
  7. Garnish the vegetables and sprinkle your herbs on top
  8. Cut the hard cheese into pieces and put it on top of the salad
  9. Now just roast the pumpkin seeds and add it to the salad
  10. To make the dressing, just mix oil, lemon juice and white balsamic, I recommend the one by „Mazetti“. Add a tsp. of honey and add salt and pepper to taste.


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I always use the ‘Berliner Honig’, because that has always been a safe option for me. You can even see the name of the beekeeper and the place where it was made on the back of the glass. In that way you can enjoy great tasting honey and know that you support national products. Now all that’s left to do is add the dressing to the salad and enjoy!

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