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Despite his young age, Marshall Troy is one of the rising stars in still life and product photography. He studied at the Columbus College for Art and Design and improved his skills and knowledge in this field in New York, where he also works and lives in Chelsea. However, he does not feel bound to his studio. He namely takes his inspiration from locations outside, as well. He has been fascinated by photography since his childhood anyway and also used to use light to achieve different effects for landscape photography then.


Nevertheless, he specializes in food photography, which he makes tempting for us with taking pictures of snacks, sweets, cookies, refreshments and vegetables. They partly look very static as if time would stand still or as if one is not allowed to touch the meals. A really threatening and almost mystic atmosphere characterizes the “Dark Foods” series. This one was taken in front of a dark setting and partly appears blurred and vintage-inspired. It seems like the people who ate these dishes would never come back again.


Creepy – BUT surely also very delicious!


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