For some, there’s hardly anything that can beat the picturesque beauty of cities like Paris, Rome or Venice; the much loved bridges in Amsterdam or the cool flair of London. While those cities have their perks and charms, sometimes it’s much better to get lost in a completely foreign city – to learn about new cultures, far away from overpriced restaurants and souvenir shops. This is why more and more people decide on spending their holidays in the more overlooked countries in order to discover their unique beauty.

The fresh temperatures here are not everybody’s cup of tea, which is why the comfortable warmth of Cyprus would be ideal for those whose hearts yearn for a bit of sunshine. Beautiful beaches and a rich culture is what awaits you there.

Then again, sandy beaches and the Mediterranean climate can’t please everybody. How about the Latvian capital Riga? Or perhaps Romania and Bulgaria? Despite their reputation that basically stands on parties and savory dinners, those Eastern European countries also offer a wide variety ranging from icy mountain peaks and sand beaches to beautiful landscapes.

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