He is the favorite designer of the stars. Beyonce and Lady Gaga already commissioned him to customize clothes for their world tours to perform their overwhelmingly elaborate, glamorous shows in front of thousands of people. Thus, his garments shine with overpowering brilliance, which is like the ultimate embodiment of femininity and grace.

Alon Livné is undoubtedly the most prestigious of Israel’s couturiers who has gained considerable reputation in the global fashion world with refined, extremely beautiful evening gowns filled with extravagance.

Incredibly gorgeous laces, seductive cutouts, infinitely elegant trains made of flowing materials such as chiffon and heavenly beadwork transform his clothes in robes for goddesses. We are particularly delighted by his fairytale, creamy white bridal gowns for 2016 which transform the wearer into an elf. On the other hand, his Pre-Fall Collection 2016 impresses with darker, almost wicked seduction in black.

More info: http://www.alonlivne.com/