Sofia Mechetner, Bild: ©Dior

With their blonde hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin, they turn our heads. They seduce us with brunette mane and green eyes or get us on the knees with their dark, sun-kissed skin, full lips and the African look. Israeli models are as different as the Israeli population itself, which is united by their religion. I believe diversity is one of the most beautiful aspects of the modern world where multiculturalism is celebrated like never before. In the field of biology and genetics, genetic diversity promises healthier and often more attractive offsprings, a phenomenon that can be seen from beautiful Slavic women and Brazilian beauties.

Especially in the fashion world, the aspect of diversity plays an important role. For a long time, the general ideal of beauty is no longer dominated solely by Barbie, fortunately. Thus, we can enjoy the sight of numerous models that shine with their origin and its unique look. Below, we present 3 Israeli models who are definitely in the same street as Bar Rafaeli and Esti Ginzburg. They can hardly be more different but all three of them have casted a spell over us.

Noam Frost


The 1.80m beauty with the intriguing name Noam Frost impresses with her distinctive cheekbones and jaw line. She was already on the runway for great designers like Christopher Kane, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham, Mulberry, Veronique Branquinho and Junya Watanabe and can be spotted on the most influential fashion weeks of the world: in New York, Paris and Milan.

Sofia Mechetner

Image: ©

Sofia Mechetner was pretty young when she mesmerized the audience with her elfin appearance at Dior’s show last year. To be more precise, she was 14 years old. For many experts, she was too young to reveal herself in a transparent dress in front of a large audience. However, none of her great talent and potential can be doubted. Her promising career in the fashion industry is a great opportunity for this young model, which is why she was able to support her family who used to be unable to even buy a package of cereals. A true Cinderella Story à la Natalia Vodianova, as she also came from an impoverished family.

Israela Avtau

Image: ©

She is touted as the next Naomi Campbell, which is absolutely not surprising, because Israela Avtau is unbelievably beautiful. Her flawless face has brought her campaigns for a range of cosmetic brands. Vichy and Urban Decay are among her customers.