Steinrohner is a brand which connects fashion with art. There is no collection which has been created without a long, complex, exhausting and creative process of designing. There is no collection which is not based on several sources of inspiration. Movies, theater plays, stories, pictures and people – Steinrohner extracts its inspirations from many artful aspects of life. The look itself was given the fantastic and appropriate description “Couture de la Rue” and represents a symbiosis of avant-gardism and wearable design.

The “Obscure” collection was inspired by a crucial traditional entertainment medium: the circus. The glamorous, mysterious, cheerful and playful or even dangerous flair of the manège s reflected in the unique line. The extraordinary circus costumes and the glorious moment when the audience is applauding are displayed in the sophisticated fashion.

The three-dimensional structures and used techniques of serigraphy are crucial aspects of the implementation of the designs. Fabrics are cut into millimeter thin straps with the help of a laser. These straps are then wrapped around sleeves, breast, belly or back. Delicate fringes embellish some designs; others are adorned with countless sequins. Each garment therefore extracts its expressive power from the various small decorations and embellishments which are as diverse as the circus world itself. The overall image of the extremely well thought out collection is generally defined by a mysterious character, appearing elegant, playful as well as unique. Floor-length dresses with bat wings and graphical prints, waisted, draped shorts and overalls embellished with studs truly succeed in drawing the entire fashion world under their spell. Beautiful.

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