Prada is known for exclusive fashion, which is challenging, thoughtful and modern. The Summer Collection 2016 combines even more good features. For the menswear, the designers decided for classically elegant colors chosen in a dark scheme. Everything is mainly kept in black and gray, but they are always supplemented by individual, powerful shades, including for example royal blue and turquoise. Different brown shades are also part of the appealing collection.

It seems as if Prada aims to present another facet of elegance. New cuts ensure refreshing silhouettes, which find their finishing in the trendy color scheme. The men’s line is perfect for the layer look, especially thanks to the casual shapes of the different pieces.

Pants and tops rebel against the trend of increasingly narrow cuts and show up intentionally wide and loose. Moreover, it gets even more interesting with all the sweaters, which add color to the collection besides the plain shirts and coats. The knitted sweaters come in different patterns and motifs, including rockets, stripes and rabbits, not to mention the eye-catching leather designs. My favorite piece is the leather shorts in dark Tiffany blue.

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