Wolfgang Joop is a German designer the whole world knows, at least after his participation in the jury of Germany’s Next Topmodel. His unique, extraordinary personality is above all visible in his fashion designs. The illustrator, artist and fashion designer presented his first fashion show directly in the Big Apple – incredible. He immediately caused a tsunami of euphoria, winning the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts. Shortly after his debut, the independent brand JOOP!Emerged, which is standing for an elevated lifestyle.

Wolfgang Joop has his finger on the pulse of time, always discovering new trends and being one step ahead of the rest. Again and again, he surprises us with innovative visions and interpretations. Apart from clothing, you can also find watches, accessories and leatherwear here. With the fall and winter collection 2014, the brand shows its affinity towards clean structures which are paired with traditional components.

The fashion is clear, discreet but also elegant, glamorous and noble. Women as well as men will look great in minimalist chic in all kinds of everyday life situations. Simplistic shapes as well as plain colors form the base of Joop’s magnificent fashion. The luxurious materials will nevertheless let the plainest blouse and the most discreet suit appear extravagant. The dark blue suit or the jacket in the same color appears as cosmopolitan, fashionable and contemporary as the casual version which is marked by denim pieces and hidden details.


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