With his mysterious style, Florian Wowretzko has long managed to become a crucial part of the fashion world although he still keeps his status as an ambassador of avant-gardism and underground fashion. Based in London, the city of fashion, he lets this truly magnificent city influence his designs visibly. At the same time, he is long considered someone who exerts influence on other designers and fashion addicts who roam the streets of London. Well, one thing is for sure: Florian Wowretzko is the epitome of Londoner avant-gardism. His fashion is filled with the very flair of this city without losing the designer’s distinct and unique hallmarks nevertheless.

Dark colors, voluminous structures and a fashion-forward attitude define Wowretzko’s fashion and make this brand a true pioneer and trendsetter in London’s art scene. Thanks to designers like Wowretzko, casual wear is slowly becoming more experimental and individual. With the help of eye-catching and bold details, Florian demonstrates his courage to try out new things again and again. Decorative pockets as well as eye-catching seams and impressive cut-outs transform his dark fashion into a staple for the fashionable individualist.

Edgy and sculptural design is combined with the sensuality of the woman. The exact same stylistic mean can be observed in the men’s fashion which unifies feminine and masculine pieces harmoniously. The result: extremely extravagant collections which however are still absolutely wearable – for those who want to demonstrate their individual sense of fashion at least.

Apart from fashion, Wowretzko is known for his second passion: illustrating. His incredibly artful works of course still pivot on fashion. However, when it comes to illustrating, colors are used in a wonderful variety. Often, Florian Wowretzko makes use of watercolors in order to complete his sketches. His Drawings, paintings, collages and sketches all share one thing: They are all absolutely beautiful.

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