Special occasions require special outfits, especially when you are about to visit glamorous soirees. As it is crucial to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it is very important to make sure that comfort and the right fit are provided. Different shapes allow you to highlight different body parts.

If you want to emphasize your neckline, you should choose a nice cutout. You won’t go wrong with a sweetheart which transforms your neckline into an eye-catcher. In this context, the dress must be straight and floor length, such that you can clearly draw attention to the neckline. The simpler the cut of the dress, the better the effect of the sweetheart.

In case you want to put emphasis on your waist, I recommend a dress in the hourglasses shape. This silhouette is perfect to highlight the feminine body-shape and accentuates the waist like no other. A belt, draping or gathers on the waist can even enhance the effect. Evening gowns in the hourglass style are particularly popular due to their sensuous designs.

Finally, you can highlight the legs especially with a short dress. Nevertheless, it should not be too short for an elegant occasion and should at least end right above the knee. Tights and high heels show off the best of your legs to complete the entire look!

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