Musicals are impressive, romantic and playful. They are dramatic, alluring and intoxicating. For many of us, musicals are the crème de la crème of entertainment. Musicals are far more than just a short process; they tell stories which they bring to life. The popular musical theater has more fans than you think and gets everyone in its spell. Here are my three musical tips for winter:

The Lion King is the most successful musical in Hamburg. The musical staging of the Disney classic has been touted as a firework of emotions and has broken the record since its debut. The family musical has no age limit and thrills audiences from around the world. Have you not yet experienced the fantastic wildlife at Hamburg’s Elb Coast? Then take the chance and let yourself be enchanted this winter.

Another phenomenal musical comes from Berlin: the Dance of the Vampires! After a three-year break, the most successful German-language musical comes back to the capital in order to attract visitors. The hit musical goes to the next stage in spring 2016. Let yourself be fascinated by a vampire story you’ve never seen before!

Chicago is one of the biggest classics. It has found its way directly from Broadway to Berlin. The Broadway classic is an ode to the spirit of the 20s. Erotic dance and jazz music are the secrets of a story of sex, betrayal, deceit and crime.

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