Graphical prints, ornaments and draperies – in the winter, green fashion in the Greenshowroom and at the Ehtical Fashion Show Berlin is presented in a new innovative light. Textures bestow a completely new look upon the collections, complement and emphasize artful silhouettes and underline new structures. Over 150 labels are presented during both events, organized by the Messe Frankfurt in the Berliner Postbahnhof from January 19th to January 21st. All these brands will be showcasing their collections for the coming winter 2015.

“Op-Art is trendier than ever before. In combination with delicate as well as rough fabrics, a virtuous mixture of wild structures and purism emerges”, according to Olaf Schmidt, Vice President in the field textiles and textile Technologies of the Messe Frankfurt.


Graphical prints! Making use of edges and angles to create a rounded design. Be it outfits completely made of knitted fabrics which you can see at the brands Fortschritt Berlin and Xess+Baba or be it eye-catching knitted components like the hand-knitted skirts by here today here tomorrow – graphical, geometrical patterns are absolutely en vogue.


Draperies! Sophisticated and daring draperies create sculptural shapes and exude self-confidence. With the help of body-fitting draperies, the ESMOD graduate Rahel Guiragossian creates elegant evening fashion which draws its expressive power from beautiful draperies and explosive colorful patterns. Farrah Floyd employs architectural structures to breathe life into textile surfaces with pleats, which in turn gives birth to unique silhouettes.


Turquoise color landscapes with beautiful transitions which remind us of silk painting on trendy, calf-length skirts made of organic cotton by Muka VAreally impressed us. The brand Silkboxx works with silk which impresses with a three-dimensional look created by an eco-friendly digital printing technique. Autumnal motifs give the fabrics a truly unique appearance. Aiby Craft relies on flowing transparence in turquoise, while Katrien van Hecke offers experimental hand printing with natural dyes like berries, leaves and wood on her geometrically cut dresses made of cruelty-free silk.


Three-dimensional structures are absolutely in! Surface structures give your pieces of clothing a special look. The brand Walkboxx works with broadcloth and gives this material a special surface structure which resembles tweed. The whole thing is then completed with elements made of natural leather which is impregnated and marked by laser cuttings. Tanja Wegener, a ESMOD graduate, is another designer who takes us into the depths of  contemporary fashion design. Here sweaters for men are defined by three-dimensional knitted patterns. Another talented fashion creator who produces fashion for men is Natcha Duran. She designed a quilted vest which forms a new, masculine silhouette with diagonal structures for instance.


Accessoires! Diving into other dimensions. OpArt in form of geometrical patterns can be discovered on scarves of the brand Fortschritt Berlin as well as on the colorful stockings of Rich&Vibrant. The labels Nine to Five and Bourgois Bohème will guarantee a fashionable style with awesome shoes. If it comes to bags, Pira is the go-to brand if you place value on eco-friendly products. The rucksacks are made of natural leather and equipped with extraordinary pleated components.

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