In Europe, we see otters as cute, little, cheeky bastards that eat fish and crabs and just look extremely cute no matter what they do. Yeah, in Europe, the otters really may be sweet. But in tropical areas like the Amazonas, they certainly don’t look this harmless anymore. Here, the furry fellows can reach a length of up to 2m weighing 20kg.

The giant otters hunt fish, crabs and even water birds just like the smaller otters living in Europe actually. But you should take into consideration that the fish and crabs and creatures in general living in the Amazonas River are way more monstrous than the animals roaming in our climes.  It seems that the giant otters just fit in the fauna there. You gotta be tough to compete with the tough. The giant otters themselves are killer machines perfectly adjusted to their habitat. In the Amazonas, they even hunt in packs or romps! One part of the romp drives and hunts the animal to exhaustion. The other group kills it. Well, I am not talking about mere fish they are hunting together. I’m talking about half-grown caimans, anacondas and other huge and dangerous animals.

Although they do look extremely cute, I really wouldn’t fancy meeting one of these guys when I’m swimming in the Amazonas. I am not even sure if I want to take a swim in this green hell of a river.

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