Whenever you feel like you need a bit more excitement in your life, go to Japan. The Japanese are famous for mastering everything freaky on a whole different level. Be it food, clothes, music, movies or even nails – Japanese products and trends are always a bit extreme, but in a good way. There is a whole culture revolving around nail art in Japan today including amazing 3D nail designs. This is why I would like to show you three fascinating examples.

Instagram: @pochoro

May I introduce you to Mr. Saturn. Yes, it’s the very one from the Super Smash Bros game series. He is also known as Dosei san in Japan and apparently so popular that girls like to wear him on their nails. And because painting is too easy, they tend to form them 3D style with the right kind of tools. There are basically two ways to achieve this kind of look: Either purchase 3D decorating or form your own designs by using 3d acrylic and paint.

Instagram: @aimelonail

This example for 3D nail art actually revolves all around Sailor Moon. The artist took it up a notch and added a whole variety of gems and glitter. To make this look from scratch, you will need acrylic powders. You can create them on tape or a piece of plastic and eventually pop them off when dry and glue them on your nails.

Instagram: @ashleyying

If that is too much hassle for you, there’s one other way to feel especially “kawaii” (cute) as the Japanese say. Pick your favorite anime from your childhood or even today (hey, no judgment here) and create your own story on your nails like ashleyying did with the famous anime character Shin Chan.

Yes, the Japanese are crazy. This is why we love them.