Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to another edition of Manicure Monday here on Readthetrieb.
I’ve brought you one of my most loved color combinations today: Mint and White. 

You’ll need:

1x mint colored polish
1x white polish


Step 1
First of all, go ahead and grab your mint color. I used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple today. Place the tip of your nail polish brush onto your nails. Start in the middle of the nail and drag a thin stroke or bow down the whole of your nails. This bow should cover about a third of your nails’ width. Now with the next line start off a little bit lower than the first one to create a sort of staircase form. The third and last line down should also start off a little lower than the ones before.

Step 2
The same thing goes to the white polish. I used Essie’s Blanc. Again, use the thin side of your brush and start off right below the first mint colored bow. Drag the white color all the way down and cover the most of the mint polish. Repeat this step, tracing the former lines of the mint color with the white color. In the end only the top half of the mint staircase should be visible.

I really hope you liked this manicure. See you tomorrow for Tip Tuesday!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang


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