Since 2007, the London lifestyle magazine Monocle posts a ranking of the most livable cities in the world. Criteria for this ranking are affordable accommodation, healthcare system, infrastructure, public transportation, crime rate and career opportunities of the city. In addition to that other factors like tolerance to foreigners, nightlife and the overall happiness of the inhabitants are also taken in consideration in this ranking.

This year Tokyo was chosen as the most livable city in the world, the main reason for that is, that Tokyo is very progressive in terms of technology, while still having a local and neighbor-friendly community. In terms of nightlife Tokyo has a very vibrant bar and club scene, the unique Manga Cafes and the modern architecture of Tokyo make this city truly one of a kind. The safety of the inner city and the many sleeping accommodations Tokyo offers makes the city very attractive to tourists as well.

Berlin was on second place of the most livable city in the world this year. It is one of the most affordable metropoles of the world and has many sights, nightlife options and projects to it.

TOP 10 list of most livable cities:

1. Tokyo­
2. Berlin
3. Vienna

4. Kopenhagen
5. Munich
6. Melbourne
7. Fukuoka
8. Sydney
9. Kyoto
10. Stockholm