No matter where you go, there’ll always be someone wearing a fur vest. It’s a late summer must-have, and marks the shift from summer to winter fashion. I promise you that soon, the vest will become a necessity of every woman’s wardrobe.

Now, what is it that makes this garment so special? Simple. It’s a highly coveted accessory thanks to its original and ethnic look. It’s not a standalone piece and usually completes other garments, but this fashion accessory has dominated the runways for decades!

The best thing about the vest is that it’s addition can change your look completely. It transforms any plain old outfit into a dreamy Bohemian one, and can easily be combined with many things. Even those with a less extroverted style should give this high fashion creation a whirl. It has a wide price range, making it available for everybody. But trust me – expensive versions are not always better than their cheaper counterparts.

Of course, real fur vests are more expensive, but fake fur is a great alternative that looks amazing as while, and can be found in many shops. There is a wide range of synthetic fabrics out there, some even managing to outdo the original fur vests. Fringes are also very trendy right now. Grab your favourite vest, but keep in mind: natural colours will have an even better effect!

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