The Geman fashion scene is right now presenting a completely new face. The works of the young art graduate Pia Fischer and her label Scylla & Charybdis can truly be considered art. Last year, Pia finished her fashion design studies at the Burg Griebichstein Art University in Halle. Her final collection simply looks amazing, I have to say. Said collection was given the romantic and mystical name “Anderwelten” which is a German neologism and can be freely translated to “other worlds”. This collection takes us into a world before our time. Pia succeeds in connecting attributes and structures from the fauna with feminine extravaganza in an almost magical manner, creating a whole fashionable new world which simply takes our breath away.

Under the label Scylla & Charybdis, the designer presents an artful approach to fashion. From my point of view the term “Haute Couture” can’t describe the vast richness of facets this collection holds. Sculptural precision and sophisticated elaboration mark this beautiful fashion. You can recognize elements of different animals: reptile-like scales, snake-like bodies, braided leather, which reminds me of an armor, and fur. Thick, textural ropes woven into each other in a random structure, layers placed on top of each other and other wedged shapes can be discovered here. The diversity is vast, the effect is incredible.

Each piece of clothing seems to tell a different story about a specific animal, while it also embodies humanity itself. The extreme complex connection allows us to get an insight into fashion as a type of art. While the figure-hugging dress transforms the wearer into a mermaid, the playful, white snake skirt appears just hauntingly beautiful.

You can’t get enough of these unique shapes and materials because the focus clearly lies on extravaganza, novelties and art.

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