Here at Stella Jean, a summer full of colorful explosions awaits you. Bold colors and wild patterns have been thrust into the limelight of youthful fashion. The sporty, trendy and modern summer collection 2015 is composed from a wide range of different outfits which all reside in the same genre. This label is crazy, cosmopolitan and creative: it’s perfect for open-minded young women who shine with charisma!

City and countryside motifs greet each other, melting into art works that spread themselves upon feminine fashion pieces. Each new print tells yet another story, charmingly beckoning us to discover more and more of nature. One’s good mood will certainly be awakened by the masterful nuances present in thie collection, and the longing to hop on the next jet plane headed for the tropics will overtake you.

Not only are the prints utterly amazing, but the cuts also impress with their individuality. Each model has its own ingenuity: their cuts reconstruct them in feminine, modern highlights. The 7/8 vintage skirt is for example completed by its peplum details. My favorite combination is the tulip skirt plus a blouse with short sleeves, with details that include color blocking elements and mixed patterns.

Another must-have from Stella Jean’s summer collection is the maxi dress. Its cuts are especially feminine, and other particularly wonderful features include colorful prints and accents, plain trains, as well as all kinds of bows. Thanks to these, it flourishes into a masterpiece of design.

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