With her eponymous label MALAIKARAISS, designer Malaika Raiss will present her new autumn/winter collection for 2015/16 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This ladies’ ready-to-wear collection offers a gentle and well-balanced variety of colours, clean chic and powerful femininity. Dresses and skirts meet ladies’ sakkos and two-piece-suits, as well as coats and jackets. The color palette runs the gamut from a bright vanilla-tone to delicate shades of beige and brown, moving on to a strong yellow to be found in the leather jackets and practical bum bags, finally extending itself to a dark blue, a strong red, Bordeaux and classical black.

MALAIKARISS likes to combine its colours in a balanced proportion, easily achieving a distinctive design. As such, the lovely red suit combination is perfect for a business woman, having a little extra “something” that seems to enhance her competence. With its skilled classical cuts, the fabric fits the body perfectly, and its deep collar cuts serve as a cheeky little wink to onlookers. Simple knee-length short- and long-sleeved dresses complete the look, a special feature being the sophisticated diagonals that play around one’s lower thighs.

MALAIKARAISS often beautifies its dresses, pullovers and accessories with special eye-catchers like knitted fabrics and patterns, as well as small accents made of leather. The diversity provides for a harmonious, yet cosily simple result. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice this autumn and winter!


More Info: www.malaikaraiss.com