In 2010, young designer Hien Le founded his eponymous label. This year, he has launched a classic and graceful fall and winter collection 2015/16 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Hien Le has already proved numerous times during the last few years his ability to keep us mesmerized while flattering his clients’ bodies with his fashion. He has also received numerous awards and has been elected to present the opening for prior years at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

This time he won’t disappoint us either. Hien Le’s newest collection stands out thanks to flexible and comfy cuts as well as soft and calming colors. In the womenswear you will find artfully cut blouses, stylish ¾ pleated or draped skirts, simple dresses as well as one-of-a-kind two-pieces and one-pieces. Men are offered a range of sweatshirts, sweaters, coats and stylish pants. The entire collection is filled with grey and beige shades which slowly transition to copper and sepia nuances, light lavender and soft rose. Deep night blue and bright royal blue shades complete the look.

Hien Le adds incomparable elegance to the daily look with his aesthetic and attractive pieces. Fresh brushstroke patterns and unusual fabrics provide highlights and details. This is how he successfully integrates knitwear into his collection. He also lets cotton creations shine bright like they’ve never done before; thrillingly cut cotton sweatshirts and pants can now sweeten our daily life.

The collection nudges our minds in the direction of colorful leaves, grey-white streets and brown trees during fall and winter. It adapts peacefully to the cold season and flashes in warm colors, in brave blue and promotes a mindset free of stress and balance, despite the wind and the coldness.

If you choose Hien Le’s garments, you choose sovereignty and a feeling for classical beauty; you choose unbeatable simplicity. The fall and winter collection 2015/16 wins our hearts due to its nonchalance, calmness, optimism and being down-to-earth.

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