Lalit Dalma presents fashion of international character and Indian soul. He personally lives out his passion fashion in which he focuses on the use of unconventional textiles and the combination of different materials. Doing it the right way, he can create oriental masterpieces for women in which the designer has put his energy into every single stich.

The powerful design holds a new surprise at every single glance. What seems to be ostentatious, graceful, oriental, intricate and glamorous at first sight also shows specific highlights when taken a closer look. Little embellishments of embroidery and metal, plaits, earls and sequins are elaborately fabricated into the traditional inspired robes.

Cropped, shiny tops and floor-length, flowing skirts with mermaid silhouettes are opposites, while saris contrast with harem pants. Completing this collection with off-the-shoulder dresses and extraordinaire tunics, Lalit proves her sense for sensuality, tradition, glamour to the world and the Fashion Week in the Indian city Bangalore, starting on August 7th, 2014.

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