Through its trendiness, fashion brand Lazy Oaf achieved a place at the Fashion Olympics of London. What began as a small T-shirt label in a garage has now become an independent fashion universe, with collections for men and women as well as accessories and shoes. Founded by Gemma Shiel in 2001, the label’s secret lies in its usage of vibrant comic prints, a feature that is responsible for winning over many fans.

Through its collaborations with various companies such as Warner Bros. or DC Comics, masterful collections arise. It’s not only the prints that are thrown into the spotlight, but also casual forms, which are based on an urban, sporty street-style. Particularly pleasant are the basics: through the exciting prints, they receive a complete makeover and transform into statement-pieces.

The men’s shirts are a testament to this. Printed with colourful patterns, they are more suited for leisure than the office. The sweater, which is a favourite of the masculine wardrobe, receives a distinctive treatment through being emblazoned with playful sayings, such as “so broke”. Young fashion lovers can find dresses, oversized shirts and sweet blouses in trendy cuts with cheeky prints. On top of that, the playful colours are imprinted with extraordinary motifs.

Have I piqued your curiousity? It’s no surprise if I have. Here are some pieces that exemplify Lazy Oaf’s unique features:

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