Like many other designer duos, Lily Bergner and Elisabeth Schmidt met each other during their studies. After they both graduated in 2009 from the HTW Berlin with a degree in Fashion Design, that very same year was the year they founded their label “Bergnerschmidt”, which focuses on integrating clear lines into the world of accessories.

Geometric forms frequently serve as templates for their new jewelry pieces, and are usually also involved in their designs. A round ring simply transitions into a sharp-edged structure of geometric angles. In order to make the wooden jewelry look uniform, holders are intentionally unutilised. This goes not just for a „normal“ ring, but also for double-finger rings.

Most of their jewelry pieces, including necklaces or bracelets, consist of only one special material. Round shapes meet edges, and this characterizes the special effect of playing with geometric sculptures. Wear these pieces as subtle eye-catchers, and they function as companions with natural charisma.

I’ve totally fallen in love with them – what about you?

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