The S/S 15 collection by Alexandra Moura is a masterful example of how supportive a good concept can be. Ever since the art concept came into picture in the 60s, the composition of a concept has also prevailed in fashion. For experimentally shaped collections, the publication of the concept can shed a little more light on the background of a design that is difficult to comprehend.

With the current S/S 15 collection for the Portuguese designer, everything revolves around the theme of opposites. The concept has the title “to invert” which implies a completely inside-out and upside-down concept. What was once inside becomes exposed, opposites such as hemmed and unhemmed seams now run through the summer line. This peculiarity shows up even in the silhouettes and fabrics. Robust denim alternates with flowing silk, and light cotton contrasts with stiff neoprene. The various natures of the materials give rise to very different looks. There are air-light creations as well as those that appear structured and static. Personally, I am particularly impressed by the many collections made of white neoprene with a laser-cut pattern of holes. Through the static-feeling form of the materials, they don a look that appears strict but also sporty due to the silhouette and the holes. This fusion portrays the concept and the creativity of the designer –  I’m already super excited for her next collection! But until then, you can admire the current collection from 24th to 30th April 2015 at the Belgrade Fashion Week.

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