It’s like a scene straight from the 70s – tapered, flowing dresses, dreamy flower prints and retro silhouettes await you in Michael Kors ‘s latest summer collection. The designer has focused on floral motifs, enchanting women just in time for the summer season. Every creation speaks volumes, arousing new passions in every trendsetter. Each piece is refined by lovely details, bold colors and playful applications.

Comic prints and feminine silhouettes are jumbled together in a rather comical way, and the resulting look is indeed rather refreshing. The svelte dress, which is the main piece of the summer collection, has experienced a comeback, recasting itself as the protagonist of women’s wardrobes. One of my favorite pieces is the low-cut tapered dress with the maxi-raspberry print!

Those who tend towards subtlety will also get their money’s worth with this collection. For example, the delicate white lace blouse-dress is dreamily princess-like, and has turned the world of fashion on its head. The skirts have amazing appliques, and they’re absolutely perfect for the summertime. Knee-length skirts made of tulle are embellished with numerous appliques such as blossoms in yellow, white or black. They would sweeten up anybody’s day, and are definitely showpieces fit for the summer!

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