On the second day of the Fashion Week in Stockholm the Swedish label Diana Orving presents her latest collection. On Wednesday, August 27th at 15:00, the Swedish chic with futuristic characteristics will conquer the runway of this fashion spectacle. Many of the designs can be worn in various ways and truly make you want to experiment. In terms of working with materials virtuosically and creating exciting structures, Diana Orving will stand second to nobody.

In the winter line 2014, the fabric contrasts and metallic shininess represent an impressive base for feminine elegance. With the color black as the quintessence and main color, a modern and noble style is created which is completed by golden and silver details. Light, partly transparent fabrics give the pieces a flowing shape. Draperies, gathers, embroideries and quillings additionally evoke the desired extravaganza.

The same glamour and the muted palette of colors is again used by Diana Orving in her winter collection 2013. Here, timeless black is refined by grey and beige and completed with a metallic shimmery structure. Classical cuts receive a unique character with the help pf quillings or draped fabric. Love truly lies within the details which are artistically elaborated.

At the end of August you will be able to see more of Diana orving’s inspiring styles at the Fashion Week Stockholm .

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Copyright and Source: http://dianaorving.com/ and http://www.fashionweek.se/, Photos by Kristian Löveborg