Checkers are the most classic variant when it comes to patterns. They remind us of the classical English style that is still an integral part of the fashion world. You won’t be able to avoid the lovely checkered patterns because it embodies class and because nothing else can imitate its visual effect.

We love checkered patterns in all their shapes, be it big or small, thin or wide, filled squares or abstract shapes. Colorful contrasts highlight them the best, especially the black-and-white ones. Try to experiment and integrate all-over prints into your daily look!

Checkered patterns are actually half the battle won, because they make your outfit into a highlight! The legendary design turns every piece of garment into a statement piece. The rest becomes almost indifferent. If you choose a checkere             d pair of carrot pants, you’ll only need a simple white sweater to complete your iconic look. A checkered crop top can be refined with a pair of high waist jeans.

Checkered patterns are classic and yet very modern. They are simple, yet sophisticated, uncomplicated and still versatile.

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