Past week, we paid Beni Durrer‘s makeup castle a visit. In the Pohlstraße near the Delta Hotel and spared by the city hubbub of the Kurfürstenstraße, you can find the BD headquarters in a little backyard. The star of the evening was not only Beni Durrer himself or the Liplack Collection called “Supermodel“, but in the first place the new look called Samara‘, which make-up artist Beni Durrer recreated live.

Step 1: Blend a light peach shade all over your eyelid and into your crease (‘Peach Smoothie’ by Makeup Geek).

Step 2: Now blend a light pink eyeshadow or blush on top of the previous color on to your eyelid (‘Cupcake’ by Makeup Geek).

Step 3: To darken up the eye makeup, apply a red eyeshadow along your upper and lower lash line.

Step 4: Use a black kajal pencil on your upper and lower waterline and smudge it out with a little bit of black eyeshadow (‘Blackout’ by Urban Decay) along your upper and lower lash line.

Step 5: Lastly coat your lashes with a black mascara.

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