Because the holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve are finally over (as well as all of the parties), I have a look for you today, that will make you look fresh and awake in a natural way on a hungover day. The tricks I am going to tell you here, are also great to make your eyes appear bigger, which is why this look is also perfect for a decent every day makeup.

Step 1: Because the darkest parts of under-eye circles are most of the time in the inner corners of the eyes, it is very important, to use a concealer that is 2-3 shade lighter than your actual skin tone. After applying the concealer, it is time to highlight the inner corners and your brow bone even more using a matte white eyeshadow (‘White Lies’ by Makeup Geek).

Step 2: Next apply a light brown eyeshadow (‘Wedge’ by MAC) lightly into your crease and on to the outer part of your lower lash line for some contouring, that way your eyes won’t look as swollen.

Step 3: Next apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow on to your eyelid (‘Shimma Shimma’ by Makeup Geek).

Step 4: To make your eyes look even bigger, the probably most important step, is to use a white or nude kajal pencil on your waterline. The product I’m using here is the NYX Jumbo Pencil in ‘Milk’.

Step 5: Another very important step, that will make you look more awake, is mascara. Mascara often makes the most difference, which is why you should apply some coats to your upper lashes. Try not to apply as much mascara to your bottom lashes, because if you do, it could throw a shadow on to your under-eye area, which would make you look even more tired.

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