Overall, Steinrohner Jacket, Jasmin Troung Kette, Vaporetta Berlin

Overall, Steinrohner
Coat, Jasmin Troung
Necklace, vaporetta verlin

A short Interview with Fashion Designer Jasmin Truong:

“I’ve been studying at the art university Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. But I was born and raised in Munich. After a year in Paris, I felt the urge to discover other cities as well. This is why my path led me to Berlin six years ago. I wanted to study there. “

RTT: Where do you find your inspiration?

“I am influenced and inspired by travelling and the small things in life, be it sounds and noises or simple everyday things like paper. Furthermore, I really like the painter Cy Twombly and traditional handworks made of wood, fabric or other materials. When I travel, I always bring back food and fabrics. I don’t work with these fabrics, but they are part of my work and help me find ideas.

RTT: Tell us something about your final collection 2014.

“After taking a break from Berlin and spending some time in Istanbul, my collection titled “Fragmente einer Sprache” which translates to Fragments of a Language came to existence. The name was derived from a known work of the philosopher Roland Barthes. In fact, the collection is the sum of the fragments of my inspirations. Furthermore, the clothing line is supposed to represent the diverse languages spoken by myself, as I grew up bilingual. At home, I’m speaking German and Vietnamese. “




Photographer: Moritz Freudenberg
Model: Tahnee



Jasmin Truong


Perfume: Lacoste ‘Inspiration’


Copyrigh and Source: http://www.guenstiger.de/



         Make-up & Nail Polish    



Photographer, Dunja Antic
Model, Leaf at Izaio Models
Hair & Makeup, Yvonne Wengler for MAC Cosmetics
Stylist, Catharina Gerekos