The Nostalgia Critic on Youtube is the scalpel cutting through our favorite movies

What is nostalgia and can you look at nostalgic things from an objective perspective? Well, nostalgia can really cloud our mind. In order to achieve a more clear view on what we consider nostalgic, we sometimes watch the old movies again which we loved in our childhood. In retrospect, we have to finally admit that these movies or TV shows aren’t as good as we thought them to be.

But let’s be honest here. Who the hell has the time to watch these old pieces again? Even if you feel the urge to do so, you just don’t want to shatter your childhood memories. Well, and here is where the work of the ‘League of the Super Critics’ and the Alter Ego of the comedian Dough Walker begins. He is taking up the difficult task to watch and analyze these movies, illuminating crucial topics in a very funny, humoristic and slightly exaggerated but amusing way.

There are many topics or little specials which the movie critic is dealing with. Just take a look at the Disney Afternoon’, a series in which he has analyzed Disney movies for an entire month. Indeed, some of you will have their childhood memories broken. Some of you will even experience a collateral damage which however has to be endured if you want to enjoy such a detailed analysis of what defined your childhood. One of my favorite segments has to be a selection of commercial spots of the 90ies with which the Super Critic shows you how advertising slowly adapted the common style and design we know today.

While analyzing, he is always dealing with the question why we consider some things nostalgic, while other sequences are seen as shenanigans. This type of cultural analysis is a task, which platforms like Youtube are taking up for us for one reason: in order to help us reminiscing and putting our past behind ourselves. We do this all the time. We have to in order to regret crimes against humanity in the past for instance and to learn from these wrongdoings. But you know it doesn’t always have to be such a serious topic. If we walk down memory lane thinking about Pokemon, Mad Max and Co., we however use the same mechanics as when we analyze crucial historical events.

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