If you’re looking for compatible interior decoration, check out the classics of interior furnishings we’re showing you this week. One of them is Vitra, a furniture store offering bold designs for the office, public and private rooms. The Switzerland-based label carefully develops its iconic products together with designers.

The family-run label was founded in 1950 and is dedicated to the high-quality, resistant, functional and stylish furniture. Its designers are very important to its philosophy and are also called “authors”. Vitra collaborates with different designers from all over the world in order to maintain the variety of the products and their exclusiveness.

At Vitra, you will find classics and contemporary products, an interplay that results in a unique ambience. Both the Home Collection and the Office Collection are incomparable. Vitra ensures a unique atmosphere in the rooms by using extraordinary designs. The label stands for demanding designs with a puristic touch. Each product is a classic and stands out by a well-conceived charm.

More Information: www.vitra.com