YouTube is a magnificent place to watch and discover thrilling new video formats that wouldn’t have made it in ordinary TV. From innovative cultural formats to new and revolutionary kinds of comedy, there’s something for everyone willing to invest a little bit of time in searching.

But searching can be a bit hard at times. That’s why we have decided to make a handy little list for you to dive right into the creative madness that is YouTube

1. Maximus Thor

Essentially Maximus Thor is a white 10 years old from a suburban neighborhood doing what a kid his age does. Only difference is, he has the voice of a 40 years African American. The longer the series runs, the more absurd and mind boggling it becomes. If you dare, take a look. We promise, it doesn’t get better than this!

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2. Filthy Frank

Well, maybe we were not that honest with you, because, let’s face it, Frank DeFilth Franco is madness incarnate. The half Australian half Japanese YouTuber has gathered a loyal viewership through his depiction of the most offending and disgusting content he could create. Of course for satirical reasons only.

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3. Killian Experience

Swedish based YouTuber Killian offers a great variety of different game themed satires, in which he not necessarily makes fun of the games themselves but more of the conception many of us have about those. So, if you are in such kind of videos, take a look. We have shed more than one tear watching them.

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