Through their Instagram accounts and Youtube channels they reach, altogether, over 150 million people worldwide.  They go by the names Yuya, Zoella, or Taciele, and are “big business”, however, most people do not know the names of these massive beauty-influencers.   Regardless, the success of these young ladies is not simply limited to their social media channels and blogs.  Every one of these girls has built their own businesses around their internet fame and success.  Along with classic advertisement spots, some are working with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry like Maybelline and Benefit, while others have published their own books.  From the living room into the big, wide world: these are the most important digital influencers in the beauty world currently.

  1. She is the most successful beauty superstar in the world: Mariand Castrejon from Mexico has attracted over 23 million followers worldwide with her posts. Crazy!! Her monthly income for 2015 via Youtube is speculated to be around 41,000 USD.
  2. For 7 years, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg has been blogging about beauty, food, and other topics of lifestyle under the pseudonym Zoella. Meanwhile, the young Englishwoman remains active as an author and has launched her own line of beauty products.
  3. Originally from Oklahoma, Huda Kattan is the uncrowned beauty queen of the Middle East. Her beauty line, Huda Beauty, is sold in the USA at Sephora retailers.
  4. Marzia Bisognin is from Italy, but manages her Youtube business from the UK. Along with beauty, her other points of interest include fashion, travel, and lifestyle.
  5. The source of inspiration for Nikkie was the reality TV show “The Hills.” Since then her net worth is double that of her TV idols.