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Are fat people just lazy?

Some say she may be the rudest British woman there is. Katie Hopkins, however, is of the opinion that she merely says the things everybody is secretly thinking out in the open. And that’s the reason why she gets as much publicity as she does. The Sun columnist is famous for her rather strong opinion towards obese people. During The Morning show she once told an overweight woman that she would never employ her because obesity is a sign for laziness. And since she is a woman true to her word and doesn’t put up with people saying she’s all words but no action, she decided to take action in form of a very controversial documentary. She decided and succeeded in doing so to gain and lose 20 kilos in a couple of months just to show the world that a personal cook and/or personal trainer is not necessary to lose weight.

How the hell did she do that? Well, see for yourselves.

Katie’s daily diet during her weight gain (6,500 calories)
8am: sausages, bacon, fried egg, hash brown, fried bread, half liter of mars milk
10am: 40g macadamia nuts, croissant
12pm: half tub Pringles, one can full fat coke
2pm: dairy milk, half liter Mars milk, chicken, bacon and mayo sandwich, white bread
4pm: half liter Mars milk, Galaxy
6pm: fish, chips and peas, half pint full fat Lemonade, chocolate cake and double cream
8pm: tea, half tub Pringles, cheese on toast
10pm: 1 liter Mars milk

Katie’s daily diet during her weight loss (1,500 calories)

 8am: porridge with skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds, banana
10am: salty popcorn
1pm: quinoa salad, Milky Way
4pm: hummus and pitta
6pm: chicken and salad, jacket potato, yogurt
8pm: tea, fruit juice

Plus 1 hour runs 3 times per week and 20,000 steps per day

Wow and that is how Katie Hopkins gained the attention of everyone who tries to gain weight and who tries to lose weight. My boyfriend for instance was floored by the fact that that woman could stomach 6,500 calories a day. Well, I’m floored that she has the needed stamina to lose all that weight that fast on the other hand.

However, when my colleague heard from Hopkins’ experiment, she – as someone who tries to live a healthy life-  could not resist to throw in her 2 cents.
With slight indignation she said the  following:

“In the end you can basically say that this woman rather showed the world that lean people easily get back to their former, thin body, after they have gained weight. You can say the same about overweight people who went back to their former weight, after they have lost some pounds.

There are too many factors playing a role, that you can’t generalize things, particularly if you talk about this very delicate topic.

One factor which should be mentioned is the fact that the number of fat cells in our bodies is established in our childhood. Thus, it’s in fact the filling of these fat cells which determine whether you look lean or big.  Although the cells of a thin person can replenish as quick as those of a big person, a thin person’s body simply possesses much less fat cells. For this reason, overweight and obese people have a hard time losing weight. Often, they jump back to their former weight after they stop dieting, just like Hopkins managed to become thin again in almost no time at all.

Furthermore, there are a lot of reasons why Katie Hopkins is considered the most hated woman in the UK.“

Well, in this case, I will just leave it as it is. 😉 Tell me what you think about Hopkins’ experiment!

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Lana Hoang

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