The so-called Footprints Cafe is located in the American metropolis of New York City. In the trendy district Brooklyn on the 1521 Surf Ave, the Caribbean restaurant invites patrons and new guests with its charming atmosphere.

The menu here is far-ranging. Nevertheless, you can literally taste the Carribean flair in all dishes. You can order everything from fresh salads with shrimp or avocado to meat dishes with beef steak and BBQ chicken. For the vegetarians among us, there is also a special section on the menu, where you can find specialties like the so-called ‘Rasta Pasta’ or other tofu dishes.

The ambiance of the restaurant is also very refreshing. An excellent service and relaxing live music will make you enjoy your meal so much more. Another plus point of the cafe is the affordable prices that make it possible for everyone to get a taste of the delicious food for a reasonable price.

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