Ever wondered what it would be like to own a fitness club membership worth $26,000 a year? I can imagine you being dumbfounded and curious about how on earth a gym could possibly justify such a fee. Let’s find out.

One of the most expensive gyms is the Equinox club in Manhattan, New York. The luxurious space on the Upper East Side is centered around a huge Brazilian walnut staircase that leads the exclusive members to multiple fitness floors.

It is equipped with expensive machinery, changing cabins, private showers and personal hygiene products by KIEHL’s. A freshly laundered robe and personal workout apparel by Nike and Lulu Lemon is also inclusive. You won’t even need a plastic card to get in as you have to pass the retina scanner on your way anyways.

About 50 people at the location in New York City are in possession of an Equinox membership worth $26,000. The club claims that people are willing to pay the price not only for the equipment of the club but also for the whole fitness movement behind Equinox. The trainers are not only concerned with how much their client can lift or how to optimize their stamina but their overall quality of life and that’s what sets Equinox apart from other gyms. That and the Fit3D body scan that allows the coach and the member a 3D view of said member’s anatomy.

More Information: www.equinox.com