Each year, approximately 62kg of meat per capita is consumed in Germany, compared to only around 16kg fish.

The credo is: eating fish at least once per week.  But instead of covering our protein requirement with more meat during the remaining days, I prefer eating fish. Fish contains many long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential fats our bodies can’t produce on their own and have to get through our diet. They strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent from arteriosclerosis, which especially is caused by too much meat.

Fish also consists of other healthy nutrients, such as vitamin A, B, D and iodine. This dietary mineral has great influence on all hormone-driven procedures in our body.  The best way to cover iodine needs is to eat sea fish, e.g. salmon.

This is why I prepared a recipe for a salad with raw salmon sashimi. Raw fish is a delicacy you often know from sushi. Keeping the fish raw preserves all precious nutrients,


Lamb’s lettuce
1 clementine
3 baby pickles
Soy sauce
Salmon sashimi

  1. Clean the salads and dry them in a salad spinner.

2. Cut the baby pickles into very thin slices.

3. Peel the clementine; split it into small pieces and cut them in half.

  1. Mix soy sauce with some wasabi. Be careful, because wasabi is very spicy! Wash your hands when you’ve touched it.
  1. Season your salad with the soy-sauce-wasabi-dressing.
  1. Put the salmon pieces on top.
  1. Season the salmon with a little bit of oil and sprinkle slightly roasted sesame over it.

Itadakimasu! (Japanese: Enjoy your meal)

Image source: Readthetrieb

Bildquelle: Readthetrieb