Designer Sadie Williams was accepted into the Grazia’s “One to Watch” List of the year 2014, which is actually not surprising to those who are really into fashion. Her unique style and incomparable hallmarks allowed the young fashion visionary to take the fashion world by storm. After graduating in the year 2013, Sadie worked for different enterprises as a freelancer, but mainly stayed focused on her own projects which included various clothing collections.

Everything began with her final collection for the Central Saint Martins College, which was given the title “Totemic”. Glistening, partly rather rigid materials and A-shaped silhouettes determined the pompous image, running through said collection like a golden thread. These attributes have been incorporated into the floor-length dresses, the main pieces of the collection. In the end, the designs were so impressive, they served as the template for a collaboration with the toy brand Barbie. The Result: Barbies in glamorous dresses strongly resembling those of Sadie Williams.

For the Swedish fashion house & Other Stories, a collection of playful dresses, skirts and tops was then designed by Sadie. Complex fabric compositions, bold patterns and trendy maxi designs were provided to serve as real statement pieces. My favorite line is called “Bespoke” and is completely colored in black and white. Cheeky maxi cuts and asymmetries, letter prints and metallic highlights mark this extremely modern and eye-catching look.


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