Top designer Roberto Cavalli is currently facing a dispute with three famous graffiti artists. But what exactly happened?

In March this year, Cavalli presented young fashion inspired by graffiti patterns in his Just Cavalli line. The artists known under the pseudonyms Steel, Revok and Reyes however are now claiming that these patterns are unauthorized copies of their street art works.

The actual problem is that it is still unclear and undecided which party is on the winning side of this trial. The one thing which is obvious however is the fact that the resemblance between the Cavalli designs and the graffiti art is not deniable. Roberto Cavalli nevertheless calls the artists’ accusations wrongful.

The pieces of clothing of the Just Cavalli collections were offered in the online shop as well as on Amazon. The trio Jason Williams, Victor Chapa and Jeffrey Rubin, the real men behind the artist pseudonyms, shouldn’t be all too happy about that because they fear their image to be threatened. The “exact copy” of their works and the mechanical duplication of those are violating and insulting, according to the graffiti sprayers.

In addition, the graffiti prints on the Cavalli collection are featuring the signature of the designer in the shape of a tag which suggests that the designer himself has created the graffiti prints. For this reason, the three sprayers filed a lawsuit against the fashion creator, emphasizing the fact that they never allowed the fashion industry to make use of their artworks. Until the circumstances are clarified, we will probably not be able to find out who is right.

Well, for comparison, here you can see the artwork of the trio and a piece of clothing from the collection of the Italian star designer.

Picture Credit Graffiti: Reyes Revok 2011

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