Our online shop collects the latest fashion trends and also offers you stylish accessories for your home, including Esprit’s Home Collection, which is a mix of carefully selected fabrics. Esprit Home introduces a new living environment presented in a modern way, which you’ll surely like.

Whether you’re looking for something for your bath, living room or bedroom, Esprit will provide you with cleverly processed textiles, ensuring a warm atmosphere. Here, the focus is set on both workmanship and exclusivity. Only the home accessories make the apartment a real place to live in and fulfil a functional yet decorative demand.

Bedclothes with lovely selected patterns breathe new life into the bedroom. Floral or geometric shapes set highlights in the consistent environment. Esprit experiments with color-plays, but completes them with subtle contrasts. Both the bath rug and the curtains or cushion covers attract attention by their decorative look.

At the moment, botanical prints are especially well-liked. Photorealistic flowers or abstract blossoms add a warm flower-power touch while geometric shapes inspire us for more. Esprit’s home accessories keep your home changing, and this is simply fun!

More Information: www.esprit.dewww.styletrieb.com