Bonprix catapults homewear and loungewear into a new level. The fashion house has launched a cozy homewear line that definitely attracts attention even outside your four walls. Its feel-good creations are made to satisfy every wearer’s demanding wishes. Relax, snuggle up and enjoy the day on your couch reading your favorite book. Bonprix Homewear makes it possible!

It’s the soft, warm and especially delicate garments we love to wear when spending some relaxing hours with our loved ones. We’d rather wear an oversized sweater or knitted vest than some elegant blouse, right? And those long-lasting showpieces usually stand out thanks to their cozy look and comfort.

The collection includes a nightwear line, sensual negligees, dressing gowns and lingerie. Sexiness meets comfort – a perfect mixture for home. I especially like the wintery overall, which is the most beautiful way of relaxation for me. Bonprix offers homewear for both men and women that highlights the loveliest moments of life.

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