You are the one who can decide whether a night spent in a wood will be a bad or an adventurous part of your experience. If you plan to spend more than one night in the wood I recommend building a hut so that you won’t have to sleep on the forest soil. That’s why I provided the following guide for you:

  1. Search for four trees which can serve as the hut’s corner marks.
  1. Connect these four trees vertically with big, thick branches, so that a 30-50 cm high square comes into being. Pull cross braces through the construction until you have constructed a stable foundation.
  1. Use four further branches in order to build gables by setting up a triangle out of them at the front end and rear end. Pull the “roof beam” between the gables. Add cross braces between them and integrate braid smaller branches in order to complete the roof.
  1. Fill the floor with blankets or sleeping bags. If you don’t have any use dry moss and plants instead.
  1. Use ropes, elastic barks or thin branches in order to interconnect the wooden construction.

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