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“Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell”, that’s what an old saying is claiming. And whilst on a journey you’re in need of a good accommodation and good food, that’s what I am claiming.

Dusseldorf, 2:30am – I just reached the Autobahn. The first thought on my mind? “Hopefully I’ll manage to find a good hotel for a good price.” Luckily I have friends, who answer their phones at this time of the night. That’s how I got the tip to try out the Mariott-Courtyard at the harbor of Dusseldorf.

That’s my destination for the night. When I reached the harbor I was glad to find the reception occupied. The booking of the room was fast and uncomplicated: a double room for 130€ with two big and comfortable beds and a great view on the harbor. The incredibly comfy bed sheets and mattress guaranteed a great night for me.

The next morning was filled with a huge breakfast that I ordered to the room. I couldn’t have asked for a better start into the day with the view onto the harbor and the rich food. I really recommend the warm dishes because the food is always prepared with fresh ingredients and yes, you do taste that! Besides ordering face to face you get the option to browse a virtual menu via an iPad.

They offer great little appetizers as little snacks like pumpkin and paprika, chili and tuna gourmet cream cheese and bread.

I also opted for the specialty of the house – a potato soup with German pork sausage. The soup had a wonderful creamy consistency and it also had the perfect temperature and the sausage was seasoned wonderfully. A true fall dish!

In the evening you had a selection of fine Whiskeys at the bar and interesting hotel guests in the lobby, who entertained you with their stories.

Bottom line: Whenever you find yourself in Dusseldorf without an accommodation, try out the Mariott-Courtyard.

 Courtyard by Marriott at Düsseldorf Harbor
Speditionstraße 11, 40221 Duesseldorf
Telephone Number: 0211 49390

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